This is my web log of the construction of a modern day Craftsman Home

The Cullman Cottage


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The Web Logs

Days 1 through 68  *  Days 69 through 162

Days 170 through 280  *  Days 283 through Day 307

Days 319 through 350 * Days 351 through Today


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From the emails I have received it’s obvious people like to look at the photo’s.

So here is an index of all the photo pages.


Page 1           The land the day before we broke Ground

Page 2           Day 18      Batter boards in place and started moving dirt

Page 3          Day 21      Pouring the concrete footings

Page 4          Day 28      Basement/foundation walls

Page 5          Day 48      More Basement/foundation walls

Page 6          Day 56      Pouring concrete floor and framing started

Page 7          Day 60      We have walls!

Page 8          Day 65      Framing the walls

Page 9          Day 66      Framing continues. Roof framing started

Page 10        Day 68      Roof trusses arrive on site

Page 11        Day ??      Roof trusses are installed on the house.

Page 12        Day ??      The house turns into a skating rink

Page 13        Day 95      The house is “dried in”

Page 14        Day 95      The first of the details in the house start to show.

Page 15        Day 99      Siding starts to go on the house

Page 16        Day 99      View from the back porch and the eves are painted

Page 17        Day 106    Exterior photos, more siding

Page 18        Day 139    Exterior photos

Page 19        Day 139    Exterior door hardware arrives

Page 20        Day 239    Fireplace, front porch and foundation stucco construction

Page 21        Day 244    Exterior photos. Drywall installed and tile going down on back porch

Page 22        Day 290    Spiral stairs and painted walls.

Page 23        Day 298    Mock up for the front porch tapered columns

Page 24        Day 304    Dinning room paneling and mantle for the front doors

Page 25        Day 307    Finished mantels and dinning room paneling

Page 26        day 329     Doors, walls and floors

Page 27        Day 334    Clawfoot tub, bathroom tile, kitchen tile and stained office door

Page 28        Day 348    Fireplace heart, trim arrives and so does the stove

Page 29        Day 355    Interior doors installed, trim started, oven installed

Page 30        Day 373    Trim photos and hardwood floors         

Page 31        Day 392    Coffered beams, carpet and finished trim details.