Someone made a comment about the size of the house and I realized that I needed to post the floor plans! This plan has changed somewhat but is very close the latest revisions.


Front porch will have the traditional tapered columns supporting the roof.


The purple rectangle going at the Living Room and Hallway intersection is a 6 foot long aquarium. Something I have wanted for years! I will build a wood stand and hood to match the interior wood of the house.


Going into the dining room you see some dashed lines. These are the craftsman style beams on the ceiling. The two rectangular items as you enter the dining room are cabinets. They have a tapered column on each one that goes the beam on the ceiling. These photos are from the house we first looked at and that motivated us to build a Craftsman Cottage. This photo shows the back of the cabinets. On the other side are double glass doors.


The porch on the rear of the house will be a screened porch and will be high up off the ground. My basement workshop is underneath. Basement will be assessed by a set of spiral stairs. They were chosen to save space since the basement will not be finished. It will be just a workshop for my woodworking and perhaps another old car someday.