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 11/26/04    DAY 346 (DAY 6 IN THE HOUSE)

I keep thinking of things I want to share. So much has happened in the move. But I will stick to the subject of the house. I am trying a new layout. All the photos should be links to larger photos. Unless of course I messed up. (Which I did the first time).

I have my Office basically in order. I need to sort through some papers and junk and throw a bunch of stuff away. The Office is bigger than I thought it looked on paper. I ended up arranging it differently than I had designed. Of course light switched ended up in the wrong places and that affected it some. So far I am well pleased with the way it is working. Just need to finish. Here is what it looked like when I moved in. There was just a path through it, no kidding!

The kitchen has worked out better than expected. I used the expression we were going to camp out. Well thatís not far from the truth. I bought some nice metal cabinets for use in my shop. But for now they are serving as our kitchen cabinets. Add in a bakers rack and while itís still hard to find things it sure beats everything in just boxes!

I mentioned I have the beams built in the dining room. Here is a couple of photos of the beams. I had to sand them some to even them out. Thats the light colored area where the stain is missing, as you can see. I will touch up the stain and apply shellac on them as soon as I can.

I used the structured wiring method in this house. Basically that means all the video, phone, and network wiring start at a central panel and run from there to each outlet in the house. At some point if I wanted to I could make one VCR broadcast to any TV in the house. With the structured wiring it is fairly easy to add something like this. This photo shows the panel almost finished. I have to build a shelf to put my cable modem on and I have to buy a switch and some cables to finish off the networking. But the main lines are working now.

I Finally have some lights installed in the Dining room. My wife found these and I think they are just perfect for this room. It has been one of my pet peeves not having any lights in there. Of course I didnít want them up till I had the beams in place. I was afraid of one of them getting broken while I built the beams.

Our poor, pitiful mutt's. The were confused about the move and wanted to get in the car or truck every time we left. Chester, the one in front, was the one that would walk back and forth from the house were renting to the new house. I really expected to come home and him be back at the old place. To my amazement he has not gone back as far as I know. Maybe it has to do with his food bowl being here?
Sadie, the one is the rear, was a stray I found not to long ago. She was so skinny I could count every rib and vertabrae in here. She weight 27 lbs. Last trip to the vet she was 42 lbs. and I think she is put on some since then. I not call her fatso a lot of the time. :-)