Welcome to Excelsior Woodworks. My name is Jeff and I am your host.

As you will discover I love old tools. Both hand tools and old Wood Working Machines. The average age of the machinery in my shop is about 1948. With two dating back to approximately 1910-1915. I have restored most of these and use them regularly. I find a certain quality in these old machines that I don't see in the the new ones.

I am also a big fan of hand tools. It seems many of the virtues of hand tools has been largely lost. Most woodworkers today have no clue about how useful and practical hand tools can be. I am not a purist by any means, I just have learned that there are many jobs that hand tools are better suited for than power tools. Sometimes there just more fun to use too. Most woodworkers today have gotten started by watching Norm and reading the magazines. Both or which are largely sponsored by the large Power Tool companies who push their wares and give the impression that power tools are the only way to build.

Rarely do you see anyone using a hand tool on TV or in a magazine. It's even more rare to meet someone that know how to use them and can teach new woodworker the way to use and maintain these tools. I have always be fascinated b hand tools and taught myself how to use and maintain them.

I was an avid turner. Naturally I have an old heavy cast iron lathe. However as I have built up my shop I find that I enjoy furniture more than turning. My turning has taken a back seat and I just don't do near as much as I used too.

My desire it to make high quality furniture. It's something I have wanted to do for years and finally I have a space to pursue it. I am especially found of the Arts and Craft or Mission style of furniture. I love the simplicity yet elegant lines.

From time to time I add new projects to the site. Just check he menu for what ever interests you. My interests have turned mainly to my kayaks. Be sure and look at them!